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Jibaro Urbano

La Cigua Platanera

La Cigua Platanera

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Delve into the inspiration behind our latest Limited Edition design, La Cigua Platanera. This unique creation draws its inspiration from the palmchat (Cigua Palmera), the national bird of the Dominican Republic. The inclusion of platanos and their leaves pays homage to the Caribbean's culinary staples. Found extensively on the island of Hispaniola, the palmchat is closely tied to palms for feeding, roosting, and nesting, and its distinctive olive-green plumage with streaked brown underparts is reflected in the two-tone collar and background of the shirt. Standing at approximately 8 inches in length, the palmchat bird takes center stage in this design. To add an extra touch, we've incorporated a customized label featuring the design's name at the bottom of the shirt—a unique feature we've never done before! Immerse yourself in the rich symbolism and exquisite details of La Cigua Platanera.

Crafted from our environmentally conscious Tencel fabric, the fibers are sourced from sustainably grown wood. Tencel fabric boasts several notable features, including eco-friendly practices, exceptional softness, wrinkle resistance, breathability, and a luxurious silky appearance. The production process employs an environmentally responsible closed-loop system, ensuring the recovery and reuse of solvents, thereby minimizing environmental impact. As a plant-derived fiber, Tencel is biodegradable, aligning with our dedication to sustainable practices.

  • Dry clean suggested. If you do wash at home, make sure it's on cold cycle  
  • Tumble dry on a low heat/delicate setting (We recommend air drying)
  • When ironing, it's best when damp on a medium setting
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